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Kuranda Shelter Beds – The Pets Love’em!

If you have a dog at home, you know they love to lay on things that are comfortable. Unfortunately there is no carpet or cushiony places to lay on in a kennel at our shelter. We provide the dogs with blankets, but even a blanket on a hard cement floor isn’t comfortable. For the large dogs and the senior dogs cold, hard floors can do serious damage to their joints and make arthritis flare up.

That’s why we at SJRAS would like to give each dog a KURANDA bed. The beds are raised few inches, so they aren’t laying on the hard floor. Being raised also allows cool air to circulate under the bed in summer, keeping the dog cool. During the winter it allows warm air to flow around the bed, keeping the dog warm. The “hammock” design with the fabric in the middle provides support and flexibility for dogs with tired joints or arthritis.

The beds we’ve had donated are the hit of the shelter. The dogs that have them just LOVE laying in the beds. You can see a change in the comfort and playfulness of each dog who has one of these beds. They seem to make the stress of shelter life a little easier because they are comfortable, meaning dogs stay mentally healthier while they search for a home of their own.

We’ve had other beds over the years at the shelter, but they get chewed and destroyed, or they can’t hold up to being cleaned daily with the chemicals that shelters have to use to sanitize things in order to keep animals healthy. The fabric in these beds was tested and has proven that it can hold up to the cleaners used in shelters.

The wonderful design where the fabric edges are encased in the frame means the dogs can’t chew the fabric and destroy it. The poly-resin tube frames are also chew-proof, meaning that the dogs can’t destroy these beds no matter how hard they try. They are a one time investment. The fabric in these beds has been known to last up to 6 years and still going strong . Even if the fabric gives out after say, 10 years, the frame is still fine and fabric replacements are available. These beds are long lasting, comfortable, and good for the dogs. That’s why we’ve chosen them, and that’s why we hope you will help us give each dog in our shelter a KURANDA while they wait for their new family.

Doesn’t every dog deserve a comfortable, warm, dry place to sleep? We think so, and we hope you agree. Won’t you please help us in this mission by clicking the link above or below? The KURANDA company has special discount pricing for beds being purchased for donation, and they’ll handle shipping the bed right to us for your convenience.

Donate a Kuranda Bed to a Dog in our Shelter! Click here, or on any of the photos on this page!

Need a dog bed for your own Pooches? Visit Kuranda.com and shop for your own family members !! They now have cat beds too! Head on over & check’em out! Let them know we sent you.

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