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Facing the loss of a beloved family member or pet is one of the most difficult times in someone’s life. A donation made in the memory of a beloved person or pet is a thoughtful way to celebrate the life of someone who has passed on, while also providing a much needed, life sustaining gift to homeless animals.

Donations will be noted on our Memorial Donation Wall at the end of each month. If you would like a notice sent to the family, please complete the required information in the form below to let us know who should receive an acknowledgement. If an email address is provided an instant notification of your donation will be sent to the address(s) provided. If you do not have an email address but supply physical address acknowledgement letters are sent at the end of each month.
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In Memory of Given By
Harley Dunlap Heather Rooney
Lauren Eilenberg Ann Schipane
Regan (dog) Ron & Joann Petrosky
Michael Canino Joseph & Mary Leshay
Michael Canino James & Patricia Pearcy
Michael Canino Karen Cifaloglio
Michael Canino Sunshine Club
Michael Canino Kathleen Valla
Julie DiDomenico Smithville School Retirement Family
Julie DiDomenico Courtney Smith
Julie DiDomenico John & Shannon Tallman
Julie DiDomenico Tracy Spoto-Picucci & Tom Picucci
Julie DiDomenico Marc & Jennifer Jourdan
Julie DiDomenico Josephine Emburgia
Julie DiDomenico Larissa & Anthony Falasco
Julie DiDomenico Robert & Marie Fixler
Julie DiDomenico Robert & Theresa Carpenter
Julie DiDomenico Danielle Smith
Julie DiDomenico Dorothy Smith
Julie DiDomenico Lawrence & Joan Ricci
Julie DiDomenico Linda Defrancisco
Julie DiDomenico Mr. & Mrs. Albert Tamagni
Julie DiDomenico Albert Maccani
Julie DiDomenico Diane Tamagni
Julie DiDomenico Vito Paladino
Julie DiDomenico Bruce & Mary Etta Bedwell
Julie DiDomenico Linda Delrossi
Julie DiDomenico Frank & Marion Bosco
Austin Muckenfuss Tara & Gerardo Varallo
Hilda Zylberberg Millville Woman's Club
Margaret Gannon Patricia Gannon
William and Elaine Trendler Marie Franceschini & Donna Repnicki
William and Elaine Trendler Marie Franceschini & Donna Repnicki
William and Elaine Trendler David & Lorraine Franceschini
Madyln Diamond Barbara Glaspey
Joe Pacifico Lori Lee & Richard Baker
Joanne Weatherby Maryanne and Richard Andres
Gail Kahan Joseph & Grace Capizola
Gail Kahan Elena Brady
Gail Kahan Peter Schueler
Melvin Taylor Willis Hannah and Family
Melvin Taylor Lynn and Nancy Johnson
Alissa D'Orazio Linda Foster
Alissa D'Orazio Ann Starkey
Alissa D'Orazio Cheryl Armstrong
Alissa D'Orazio South Vineland Fire Co.
Alissa D'Orazio Pat Labonne
Jerry Kaufman Patricia & Procopio Curcuru
Rose Marie Castagnoli Diane Tamagni
Rose Marie Castagnoli Kenneth & Jo Ann Gallucci
Rose Marie Castagnoli Jim & Cindy Brooks
Rose Marie Castagnoli Marie & Richard Didonato
Rose Marie Castagnoli Louise Steska
Rose Marie Castagnoli Donna Lopergolo
Rose Marie Castagnoli Frank Austino
Rose Marie Castagnoli Buster Petronglo & Son Farm LLC
Rose Marie Castagnoli Diane & James
Rose Marie Castagnoli Marissa & Jeffrey Travaline
Rose Marie Castagnoli Frank & Eleanor Capabianco
Rose Marie Castagnoli Marilyn Austin
Rose Marie Castagnoli Anthony Brooks
Rose Marie Castagnoli Maurice & Josphine Castellini
Rose Marie Castagnoli Robert & Thereas Carpenter
Rose Marie Castagnoli Rosemary Green & Angel Santiago
Rose Marie Castagnoli Christina Sepers
Rose Marie Castagnoli Catherine Mainiero
Rose Marie Castagnoli Joseph & Mary Leshay
Rose Marie Castagnoli RoseMary Angelo
Rose Marie Castagnoli The Walter's Family
Eric Godwin Tom Sparano & Givlionna Iona
Brother Charles Lynn Nealis
Diane Formento Gloria & Steven Rumpf
Diane Formento Stephen & Katie Schelder
Diane Formento Matthew Fisher
Gus & Rose Walters Bonnie Walters
Dave Dallago Bruce & Mary Etta Bedwell
Joseph F. Cappuccio Henry & Sandra Hearing
Victoria Cachazza Kimberly Ford
Arthur Starkey Jr. Particia Gannon
Arthur Starkey Jr. South Vineland Fire Co.
Arthur Starkey Jr.0 William & Beth Mills
Arthur Starkey Jr. Marie Gruccio
Arthur Starkey Jr. Louis & Nancy Miceli
Arthur Starkey Jr. Robert & Phyllis Linton
Arthur Starkey Jr. Dorothy Heck
Arthur Starkey Jr. Linda & Nicholas Matteo
Arthur Starkey Jr. Gabriele & William Mitchell
Arthur Starkey Jr. Joan Costanzo
Arthur Starkey Jr. Shirley Burke
Arthur Starkey Jr. Joseph Frank Bergamo
Arthur Starkey Jr. Rodney Ragone
Arthur Starkey Jr. Thomas & Judy Cregeur
Arthur Starkey Jr. Gustav & Linda Foster
Arthur Starkey Jr. Doris Schalick
Sharon Morris Heather Rooney
Karen Love Millul Barbara & David Nealis
Karen Love Millul Sandra & John Labo
Karen Love Millul S. Kelly Real Estate, LLC
Vita Besada Lori & Brian Collini
Scott Hitchner The VanMeter Family

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