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Rehoming a Pet You Can No Longer Keep

At South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter we understand how complex and difficult the decision to rehome a pet can be. We understand that rehoming can be the most compassionate choice for your pet. Our Outreach Rehome program empowers owners to take charge of the rehoming process and offers your pet the dignity of a home to home placement, rather than a shelter cage or kennel. The SJRAS Outreach team will support you throughout the rehoming process.

Before you rehome - can we help you keep your pet?

SJRAS Community Outreach has resources available to help people keep their pets. Please visit the Community Outreach section of this site to learn about the many ways that we can assist you.

Helpful Rehoming Links


If you need assistance rehoming your pet and would like assistance from the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter’s Outreach team, please submit SJRAS’s Rehoming Assistance Request . Once you submit the form you will receive an email with more information about your next steps to rehome your pet. Your form will be reviewed by the SJRAS Outreach team and we will contact you if there are an extenuating circumstances. You will be asked to create a profile for your pet on SJRAS’s Home to Home . Once your profile is complete you will be able to network your pet, manage applications, set up meets, and more. You can also list your pet on Adopt A Pet’s ReHome website.

If you wish to rehome your pet on your own without assistance, you can skip the Rehoming Assistance Request form and you are still welcome to create a profile for your pet on SJRAS’s Home to Home webpage.

At this time, the South Jersey Regional Animal shelter’s cat cages and dog kennels are full and we are unable to take in most owner surrendered pets. In addition, we know that it’s in your pet’s best interest to find a home without having to endure the stress of transitioning to a shelter that can be scary and loud to pets used to living in a home. Keeping your pet out of the shelter will also keep your pet physically healthier.

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Finding a new home for your pet and keeping it out of a shelter can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Start by creating a user and pet profile.
  2. Next, upload a picture of your pet and submit it to Home To Home™.
  3. Finally, respond to people who are interested in your pet

Home To Home does not charge adoption or rehoming fees. Rehoming fees don’t lead to better outcomes for pets, but quality communications will.

Once your pet is listed on the Home to Home website, SJRAS will include your pet in our social media postings for additional exposure. You can also request an evaluation for your pet at SJRAS by a staff member. We will arrange a time for you to bring your pet in and we will meet and spend time with your pet and also help take photographs if needed. Once we have evaluated your pet, we can network your pet with our rescue/shelter partners for additional placement options. If we determine that your pet would adjust well to being in the shelter for placement, they can be placed on our intake wait list. To schedule an evaluation, please email Outreach@sjras.org . Please note, you must have your pet listed on Home to Home in order to schedule a shelter evaluation.

If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, please seek medical treatment at a veterinarian office or clinic. Please visit our Community Outreach Page if you need assistance with medical care. Please understand that Outreach is not available 24/7 and may not be able to respond immediately.

If your pet has bitten or injured someone, please contact your local Animal Control.

If you are experiencing any other urgent need, please note that on the Rehoming Assistance Request form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. SJRAS’s Outreach team can be reached by text or call at 856-454-2273, but sending in the Rehoming Assistance Form is the best way to alert our Outreach team to your needs and receive a quick response.

We maintain a waiting list of pets that need to be intaked at the shelter. Not every pet (due to health or temperament) may be eligible for the waiting list. If you would like to have your pet considered for our waiting list, you must have a completed our Rehoming Assistance Request and a pet profile on the Home to Home website. Dogs will also need to visit the shelter for an evaluation with shelter staff prior to being entered onto the waiting list. This is to ensure that if your pet is surrendered to the shelter, that we will be able to meet their needs to keep them happy and healthy, as well as finding them a home as quickly as possible. Once you have completed the Rehoming Assistance Request and created your Home to Home profile, email Outreach@sjras.org to schedule an evaluation.

With your photo, bio and Home to Home link ready, share your pet with your friends, relatives and co-workers. Post your pet on NextDoor, your neighborhood social media group and your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Ask your friends and followers to share with their friends and followers. Ask veterinarians and groomers if you can post a rehoming flyer in their clinic.

Spread the word, and don’t be shy! You never know who may be looking to adopt their new pet. You can even take your dog out on walks with an “Adopt Me” harness or bandana to attract potential adopters. Ask SJRAS about adoption events you may be able to attend. You can also list your pet on Adopt A Pet’s Rehome website (see link in Resources section) for additional exposure.

When you give up a pet, make an effort to get your pet vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered. This increases the chances of your pet finding a new home. Spaying/neutering your pet helps prevent unwanted behaviors, like humping or marking, in their new home. Consider getting your pet groomed and/or bathed to look their very best. Check out our resources on how to get great photographs and write a catchy bio to attract the attention of potential families for your pet.

It is not required that your pet be spayed or neutered prior to placement but it is strongly encouraged. Your pet is much more adoptable if already altered, and pets that are spayed/neutered have additional opportunities available for placement at retail stores and with SJRAS’s shelter/rescue partners (once their shelter evaluation is complete). If you are unable to alter your pet prior to placement, please encourage the adopter to have your pet altered as soon as possible.

For info about low cost spay/neuter clinics use this link

It is not required, but STRONLY recommended that pets are vaccinated at least for rabies and distemper prior to placement. If pets are not vaccinated prior to placement, it is extremely important that their adopter vaccinates them as soon as possible after placement.

Microchips are also recommended. This is a great way for their new owner to establish ownership of their new pet. If your pet is microchipped before placement, please provide the new owner with information to transfer the chip information.

SJRAS has regular vaccine clinics (microchipping also available). Vaccines are also available at Petco and Tractor Supply Company clinics.

Click here for more information: SJRAS Vaccine Clinics (held only May – October)

For info about additional spay/neuter and wellness clinics use this link

Reach out to friends or family members who may be able to help you take photographs or manage the technology. It’s beneficial to have family members or friends who are familiar with your pet to help you.

If you still need assistance, reach out to Outreach@sjras.org and we will connect you with an Outreach Volunteer who will help you. Please note that volunteers schedules vary and we cannot guarantee a time frame in which someone will reach out.

SJRAS Outreach is seeking volunteers to work with families who may need extra assistance with rehoming their pets. Please contact Outreach@sjras.org

You can also sponsor a rehoming pet to be vaccinated, microchipped, and/or spayed/neutered to help keep them healthy and more likely to find a great home more quickly !

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