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There are many times each month, if not each week, when an animal is in need of a ride from our location to another location.

  • When the shelter is experiencing a large volume of intake (commonly spring & summer)
  • If a large cruelty case brings many animals to the shelter at one time
  • Or when an animal has health or behavioral issues that need to be addressed in order to make them the best possibility at adoption.


SJRAS is proud to say that we work with many other shelters & rescues to help ensure that ANY pet that can be placed into a new home has that chance. One major difficulty in saving as many animals as possible is the time/resources necessary to get them to the proper shelter or rescue partner. At times, our rescue or shelter partners can arrange to come to the shelter to pick up the animal(s) in question. Other times it is hard for them to have the volunteer or staff time to come all the way here to our facility in Vineland. Our partner shelters or rescues are most commonly in the tri-state area. Transports that are longer can be broken up among several volunteers (ours & theirs) to let everyone have a shorter distance to travel but allow the animals to get to their destination.

This is where YOU come in. We maintain a list of volunteers that are willing to transport pets from one location to another. When we have a shelter or rescue interested in taking animals from our facility we send out a notice to those volunteers via email or text. The notice includes the date the transport is needed, or the window that would be ideal, the number and type of animals to be transported, and the locations they are traveling from/to. If you are available to help you simply let our coordinators know & they’ll be in touch with you to confirm info and make any adjustments.

The day of your transport you would simply come to the shelter, pick up the animal(s) and their paperwork, and make your way to either the partner shelter or rescue, or to a meeting point where you will transfer the animal to the partner’s volunteer for the remainder of the journey (in the case of longer distance transports). You would return any crates/carriers and paperwork to the shelter upon your return or at the first available opportunity.

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